Starting the process…

Gather your ideas using this helpful residential project checklist.

We can help de-stress the rest!

If you’re contemplating a home renovation use this as your starting point. No need to stress, the design process is fluid and interactive. It will develop as we meet with you over the life of the project.

If you feel you cannot answer a question, please just write “UNSURE” in the box.

Helpful Tips:

  • When you don't all agree Not everyone in the household will agree on everything. Write it all down and consider pros and cons of each discussion point. Dimovski Architecture will create a final result that will work for everyone!
  • Don’t try to solve it all now. This is why you hire an architect. We have creative solutions from years of experience as a design/build team. The development cycle of the project will also serve to work through any issues. This is just the beginning…
  • Anticipate future changes.  Try to envision the use of the space now and in the future. Will more or fewer people be residing here? Will everyone function the same way? Would family with differing needs enter the space at a later date?
  • Dare to Dream. Don’t be afraid to expand beyond your normal boundaries and ask us questions. Find photos and as much reference as you can while you’re in the research phase; share it with us and we'll work with you to give you the home you envision.